aquatherm New Zealand

Pipe system made of polypropylene
for potable water supply


Pipe system made of polypropylene
for chilled, hot fluid and various industrial applications


Pre insulated pipe system made of polypropylene
For inground and above ground heating and cooling


Pipe system made of polypropylene
for reclaimed water


Pipe system made of polypropylene
for fire sprinkler systems


Potable water and heating installations
for potable water, heating and underflow heating connections


For room climatisation made of polypropylene
for ceiling and wall


Surface heating system
for residential, office and sports floor heating


BIS Rapid Rail Fixing System
various rail profiles and an extensive range of accessories.

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Welcome to aquatherm New Zealand

What does aquatherm do?

We make the world's best piping systems.

Pipes are an integral part of every building. They provide us with water to drink, to bathe in, and even to heat and cool our homes. Quality of life deteriorates quickly when pipes fail, and they can be both difficult and costly to repair or replace. That's why we make pipes that don't fail, and we do it with the lowest environmental impact possible.

At aquatherm, and we do things differently

Where other companies choose piping materials that are cheap or easy to produce, we select the material that works best. Where others continue using old and ineffective joining methods, we pioneer new and better ways. Where some might say "That's good enough," we say, "Let's find a way to make it even better."

Not only do we provide high performance, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly pipes and fittings, we also have more efficient systems for POTABLE WATER, RADIANT HEATING AND COOLING, HEATING AND COOLING DISTRIBUTION, INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS, WATER CONSERVATION, and FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS.

We believe that the most sustainable products are also the ones that last the longest and have the lowest impact during operation.

Our Benefits

Since 1973, we've learned a lot about piping systems and how to make them from pipe sliced in half _opt

We've focused our research and expertise on ways to make our pipes ideal for every installation.

  • If you want pipe that lasts for decades, we've got you covered.
  • If you never want to worry about leaks ever again, we've got that too.
  • If you want faster, easier installation or improved thermal performance, you've come to the right place.
  • If you're tired of drinking chemicals in your water, or you're concerned about the environment, Aquatherm is the pipe for you!

Why settle for standard when you could use the Faster, Better, Greener, Cleaner Aquatherm.

aquatherm logo2At aquatherm, we're different in all the best ways. We are independent, reliable, determined, and leading in our industry. This video (left) from aquatherm GmbH shows what makes aquatherm different, and why that's exactly how we should be.


Our Brand Promise

We are "state of the pipe" because we act independently and decisively and are at the same time always reliable. This makes us the leading manufacturer of polypropylene pipes. 

That's how we were, are and will remain!

Quote for the Day

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.

What's New

New Eco Lodge, Blue Duck Lodge

13 Aug 2014

Situated 45km inland from Owhango on the banks of the Wanganui river at Whakahoro, Blue Duck Lodge is a place where we at aquatherm love to spend a bit of time. So when Dan Steele told us about his new Eco Lodge he was to build we jumped at the chance to supply and install the most suited piping system, aquatherm green.

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Tait wins Christchurch Energy Champion Award

21 Aug 2014

Tait Communications was recognized for its new high-tech campus at the prestigious EECA awards ceremony held at the Auckland Museum on Wednesday, 28 May. Tait was named winner of the Christchurch Energy Champion Award, in recognition of its leadership in energy efficiency and innovation during the Christchurch rebuild.

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